Monday, January 9, 2012

Space Quest The Sarien Encounter VGA

and a horrible death soon followed

      Today i'm going to write about one of my favorite adventure games Space Quest The Sarien Encounter in VGA. This is a re-release of the original with better graphics and sound as I never played the original but did play this and I was taken away on a journey the first time I died and have never once forgot of the misguided adventures of perhaps one of the most beloved space janitors of all time Roger Wilco.

     Space quest was originally released from Sierra in 1986 but was then remade from EGA to VGA in 1991 with this new improvement also came the addition of the mouse rather then inputing text commands which of course made the game much more user friendly for people who didn't really play games due to that fact alone
I see a few ways to die

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

      Now there is something that is quite unique about space quest and it's the fact that it is so crazy how often and in what ways Roger Wilco tends to die. He has got to be the most unlucky person in the whole galaxy. Now at times figuring out what to do takes a bit of trial and error but that is always something that I enjoyed I feel at times you even try your hardest to find out what ways Roger Wilco can die. It's a very hilarious game.

It looked tasty, oops

    As far as adventure games go you also have a backpack screen or some kind of thing that holds your stuff in which you collect a very random assortment of items such as a magnet or an ort finger. I'm sure your asking yourself, what would I need a magnet in space for? Who am I going to give this ort finger to? Quite the conundrum but there is always a reason to his madness and all is well in the world of Wilco when he finally figure out what to use things for.     

Broken glass and a green thing, perfect

      The Review: All in all this is probably one of the greatest staples of the adventure game era there is not a moment where you say to yourself I wish I was playing something else, From start to finish you will enjoy lots of laughs and smiles as you traverse the bowels of space in search of Roger Wilcos destiny. However one of the draw backs although a small one is there is a copy protection in the form of codes that you can only find in the manual so make sure to get a copy. Sometimes trying to figure out what to do can be slightly aggravating and confusing but you will get it eventually if you really put your mind to it. This is a game you should really pick up and give a try I give Space Quest: The Sarian Encounter a 9.0 out of 10

Get em Roger Wilco Get em!!


  1. Hate that anti-piracy stuff because it's hard to get a manual sometimes. Game sounds intriguing, though!

  2. me too but I guess that's the price we pay for abandon games. It's defintaly a good one there is currently 6 space quests. Hopefully one day someone will pick up the license and create a 7th before it becomes too obscure.