Friday, January 13, 2012

UBIart Framework/Rayman Origins Review

                I wanted to do a quick post on an video game engine that I personally think is going to revolutionize gaming. Making video games stand out more as an art form rather then just entertainment. When I was a kid I played video games that were awe inspiring in the art direction with hand drawn backgrounds and characters such as Legend of Mana, Rayman, Suikoden, etc. The game engine i'm talking about is UBIart Framework. I recently bought Rayman Origins for my girlfriend for Christmas, as Rayman was both our childhood firsts on the Playstation and hell we needed Rayman Origins. As we have played it I am so enthralled with the engine itself it has a cartoon feel but with that comes a great many things we can mold that into. I wanted to show a few examples from the UBIart Framework blog the link is show here for reference UBIart Framework Blog 

    You can see for yourself how amazing this engine really is

looks like a painting to me

I feel if I had a child and they drew me a picture I could take it and make a game out of it for them

Reminds me of Metal Slug for some reason

I'm not a fan of Tim Burton but if this was made into a full scale video game i'd buy

Things have changed

                   Some screens of Rayman Origins the top one is a bit blurry but it's till pretty to me.

       Things in the video game industry are changing all the time, but I really hope UBIart framework is recognized and utilized to it's greatest potential I promise i'll be watching for the next crazy game you come up with or the next game that's made with your free to use engine. You did well Ubisoft you did well

   I figure while i'm talking about Rayman Origins i should review.

             The Review: Rayman Origins is not only a beautiful game it is perhaps one of the funnest platformers I have played in years. It even outshines the original. It's not as hard as Rayman but it certainly becomes quite challanging also all the things you get to collect throughout the game is a fun way to pass the time. Also it is 4 player and not online 4 player. 4 people in a room 4 player. Which is something I miss, don't get me wrong I like myself some online but I greatly miss having people come over and play a game with me, It's a lot less lonely then sitting on my ass eating cheetos and crying cause I got pwned for the 30th time by a guy with a 30 kill streak. But I digress this game is simply genius it can get hard at times which can be a put off for some as there are some levels that you have to race through. But to make up for it there is a side scrolling shooter with the mosquito every 4 levels or so which is a nice break from the regular platforming. I give Rayman Origins a 10 out of 10 defiantly made it on my top 20 list of greatest games of all time


  1. ill have to agree. i absolutely love it, and was not expecting it to be as good as it is. I like your screen shots for origins but i know that there are alot more beautiful scenes in this game. good review though. i hope they continue to make more games with their art, its much more enjoyable and different from games these days. its nice to play new games and notice how natural they may look or how great the graphics are... but sometimes its just nice to play a game based more off someones imagination and skill of art. i love this post!

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    1. me too a wonderful game, what is swoon?

  3. Neat that looks like a neat game

  4. Nice blog heading did you make that yourself?

    1. Thanks!! But I can't take credit for it my girlfriend is a wizard when it comes to photoshopping she actually made it. I got a pic from DnD, a Frank Frazetta conan painting, and my all time favorite pic from fallout 2 then she just put it all together and messed around with it. I'm a lucky fella